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Our approach and technical documents

Our approach and technical documents


Our approach

In September 2021, Public Health Wales established an expert panel drawing on a range of expertise including academia, business, public and other sectors. The panel examined the evidence to generate recommendations for local and regional agencies and partnerships to improve participation in fair work in a way that supports health, well-being and equity

The panel focused on the impact of COVID-19 on young people and children, in view of the Future Generations approach and the potential for adverse long-term effects, including economic scarring.

The panel received evidence from Public Health Wales and subject experts, identified additional evidence, brought members own expertise to formulate themes and opportunities and supported Public Health Wales in drafting recommendations. An interim report was produced which was submitted to Welsh Government to inform the development of Stronger, Fairer, Greener Wales: A Plan for Employability and Skills (2022).

To support the development of fair work resources for local and regional agencies, insights were collected from a range of participants including local councillors and policy officers. A rapid search of the grey literature was also undertaken to identify the economic and social benefits of fair work characteristics.




Further information used to inform the development of fair work resources

Participation in, fair work for health, well-being and equity – insights from local counsellors, Public Service Board members, policy officers and a City and Growth Deal representative

Fair work benefits and evidence table and methods