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Primary Care: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Referrals to NERS will be quicker and easier by completing the new e-referral form on the Theseus portal.

E referral forms are integrated into the GP practice patient record for EMIS Users. Please see the EMIS activation and user guides for further information.

Integration for Vision users is pending. In the meantime please use the e-form weblink to make referrals.

This new system will save time as there will be no need to download documents or post/email forms.

EMIS Theseus Practice Activation.

EMIS User Guide.

Yes, for EMIS users, the Theseus portal can be accessed now via your EMIS patient record.   

Vision users will initially refer via the referral weblink whilst the Theseus portal activation is being actioned on the system.  For quicker access to the weblink you can create a desktop shortcut by following the instructions on this helpful link

How to put a website shortcut onto desktop? - Microsoft Community 

Yes - for the better! 

Using the Theseus portal, referrals will be delivered instantly, by a click of a button.  

Referrals will then immediately appear in the relevant local NERS team's patient management system.

All NHS-registered Health Professionals will be able to refer appropriate patients that meet the referral criteria to NERS. All practice staff can use the NERS Theseus e-referral system if logged into EMIS or via the Vision weblink. 

Theseus will provide guidance on which condition-related pathways are available in each local authority area.  

Theseus will also show the inclusion and exclusion criteria for each condition. 

Yes - all GP practices across Wales will have access to the Theseus portal. 

The Theseus portal is fully compliant with NHS Wales information security standards and it will significantly increase the data security of patient records from the previous system of paper-based referrals. 

Practice staff will be notified through the Theseus portal if the referral has been accepted or declined, together with the reasons for any declines.

Local NERS teams will generate reports from the Theseus portal to provide updates on patients’ progress.

Help can be accessed via user-videos in the Theseus training portal. In addition, any issues with the system can be reported via this link.  

Any issues or glitches will then be investigated and hopefully resolved.