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Your invitation

Who is eligible for screening?

Everyone aged 12 or over should be part of the eye screening programme who:

  • is registered with a GP in Wales
  • has been diagnosed with diabetes (not including gestational diabetes (a temporary condition during pregnancy), pre-diabetes or impaired glucose intolerance), and
  • can perceive (recognise) light with at least one eye

Some people may reasonably be excluded from the programme if a health professional thinks that there would be no benefit from them attending screening. An exclusion can be permanent or temporary, and will depend on the needs of each person. If you would like more advice, speak to your GP or diabetes team, or contact us.

How will I be invited?

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, or you register with a GP in Wales for the first time, your GP or diabetes team will tell us so we can include you in the programme. We will then send you an invitation letter.

How do I get in touch?

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and would like to contact us, please see the contact page. Please allow up to 12 weeks after your diabetes diagnosis before you get in touch.

What if I need extra support?

If you might need help with your screening appointment please let us know. You should contact us before your appointment if any of the following apply.

  • You need an interpreter for your appointment because Welsh or English is not your first language (family members will not be able to translate for you).
  • You have a disability, so we need to make sure the screening venue we offer is suitable.
  • You think you might not be able to sit in the right position at our cameras.
  • A family member or carer may need to help you at your appointment.

If you have power of attorney for health and welfare for the person invited to the screening appointment, please bring ID and the power of attorney document to the clinic.  

If you have transport difficulties, contact Patient Transport Services at your local hospital. They may be able to help you. Please note that the service cannot arrange transport for you to get home from the clinic, and there may not be enough room for you to stay there after your appointment while you wait for transport. 

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