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Your appointment

Where will I be screened?

Screening is carried out within hospitals, health centres, doctors’ surgeries and some community venues. 

We aim to invite you to a venue nearest your home, within 45-minute by car.  This will depend on the location and appointments available.

It is important that your doctor has your correct name, address and telephone number, otherwise we may not be able to send your appointment letter to you.

Changing my appointment

Contact us if you cannot attend your appointment.  We may be able to offer you a more suitable time, date and location.

Diabetic eye screening appointments are limited.  Let us know if you are not planning to attend; we can offer your appointment to someone else.

If you, or a person you support needs extra help going for screening, Contact us before your appointment if you:
•    Need an interpreter because Welsh or English is not your first language.
•    Have mobility requirements or a disability, so we can make sure we offer you an accessible appointment.
•    Need a longer appointment. 
•    You think you might not be able to sit in the right position at our cameras.

graphic of a person sitting at the diabetic eye screening camera


•    You are caring for someone who cannot make decisions.
•    You have Power of Attorney for health and welfare for the person invited, you will need to bring ID and the Power of Attorney document to their appointment.


Preparing for my appointment.

Before your appointment:
•    Read the information we sent you.
•    Contact us if you need support at your appointment.
•    Make sure you know where your appointment is.
•    Plan how you will get there, allowing enough time for travel.
•    It will not be safe for you to drive after your appointment and it may be difficult to use a mobile phone.   You will need to arrange transport home before you go to your appointment.
•    Be aware you may need to pay for parking at some of the screening locations.
•    Allow at least one hour for your appointment.
•    Bring your glasses with you, if you wear them. 
•    If you wear contact lenses, bring your container as you will be asked to take your lenses out and may not be able to put them back in straight away.   You may prefer to wear your glasses on the day of your appointment.
•    Bring sunglasses with you to wear after your appointment, as your eyes may be more sensitive to light after having drops.
•    If you use a blood glucose monitor, take the readings before your appointment. 
•    You may want to bring a snack with you as not all screening locations offer food and drink.
•    It is not safe for you to drive or operate machinery until your sight returns to normal and your eyes are comfortable. 

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