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Breast Implants and Injectable Fillers

This information is for women who have come for screening and have breast implants or injectable breast fillers.

If you have breast implants or breast fillers it is important you tell the radiographer before you are screened.

Breast implants or breast fillers make it more difficult for the radiographer to do the screening. This is because the breast tissue is already being pressed on by the implant or breast filler. The radiographer will only apply light compression (or squeezing) by the x-ray machine while taking the mammogram. This pressure is unlikely to damage the implant or breast filler.

The information leaflet you received with your invitation letter will have explained that breast screening, is not 100% accurate.

Breast Screening does not prevent cancer. Because the implant or filler is dense it will hide some of our breast tissue and there is a chance that if you have breast cancer it may not be seen on x-ray.

If you have breast implants or breast fillers it is particularly important that you continue to look out for any changes in your breasts following your breast screening.

Please do not hesitate to see your family doctor should you find anything unusual.