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UK Anaerobe Reference Unit (UKARU)

About UKARU and contacts

The UKARU provides an identification and antimicrobial resistance reference service for anaerobic bacteria for the UK, offering reference standard antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) by agar dilution and molecular detection of resistance mechanisms.

UKARU acts as the central laboratory for Wales for culture and full characterisation by WGS of Clostridioides difficile and provides UK wide clinical guidance for all anaerobic infections.

Advice on laboratory and clinical aspects of anaerobic bacteria and anaerobic infections is available during office hours by contacting us via the telephone numbers or email addresses below’ 

The research interests of the UKARU include commercial evaluations of AST products and C. difficile detection methods. The unit also provides reference level support for collaborations with the European Committed for Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (EUCAST) and the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).

UK Anaerobe Reference Unit
Public Health Wales Microbiology Cardiff    
University Hospital of Wales
Heath Park
CF14 4XW

Public Health Wales Microbiology Cardiff
DX 6070100
Cardiff 90 CF

Please provide a full postal address along with the Hays DX address as UKARU reports are currently sent by post which Hays DX do not handle.

Tel:  029 20 742 171 (lab)     
Tel: 029 20 742 378 (office)     
Hours of operation from Monday – Friday, 08:30 - 17:00
Clinical Lead: Dr Harriet Hughes 
Lead Scientist: Trefor Morris
Deputy Lead Clinical Scientist: Michael Perry
Senior Biomedical Scientist: Sarah Copsey-Mawer

Biomedical Scientist: Selina Scotford
Biomedical Scientist: Bethan Anderson
Biomedical Scientist: Morgan Kennedy-Rodgers
Associate Practitioner: Aidan Peat
Biomedical Support Worker: Reece Mannion