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Pathogen Genomics Unit (PenGU)

A UKAS accredited medical laboratory No 9510

Pathogen Genomics Unit Cardiff

Pathogen Genomics Unit (PenGU)

Public Health Wales Microbiology Cardiff

Wales Genomic Health Centre

Cardiff Edge Business Park

Longwood Drive


CF14 7YU


Telephone: 02921 834010 (for results, consultation & advice during office hours 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri)


Laboratory Hours:

07:30 – 17:00 (Monday - Friday)


DX Address

Public Health Wales Cardiff


DX 425501



Referral Form


Core reference services & guide to investigations

ISO 15189 Accredited Tests 


Samples Required ISO 15189 Accredited Tests Performed

Turnaround Time
(depends on complexity and current workload)

HIV Resistance 10ml of EDTA Blood or 3ml of Plasma samples referred via Microbiology Departments Targeted  Sequencing 14 working days
Characterisation of Mycobacteria Specimens referred by WCM only Whole Genome Sequencing
10 working days
Results obtained from WCM
Characterisation of C.difficile  Specimens referred by ARU only  Whole Genome Sequencing 

7 working days 

Results obtained from ARU 

SARS CoV2 Specimens/Extracts referred from PHW Microbiology Network Whole Genome Sequencing 5 working days

Other Tests Performed 

Investigation Samples Required Tests Performed

Turnaround Time
(depends on complexity and current workload) 

Characterisation of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria  Extracts referred by SACU only Whole Genome Sequencing 

R&D Only  

Results obtained from SACU 

Typing of Influenza, for epidemiological purposes and for the investigation of clusters / outbreaks

Specimens referred from Wales Specialist Virology Centre and Microbiology Network with prior arrangement
Whole Genome Sequencing 5-7 working days

How to obtain services

Use the HIV Resistance form:  Form 1.5: Referral form-submission of clinical samples for HIV Resistance  

Samples should be sent in packaging appropriate to current legislation, accompanied by a referral form (available to download below) detailing putative diagnosis, patient or sample details and relevant (clinical) history.

For all other services please contact appropriate Reference Unit.

Referral Form

PenGU Referral Form: HIV Resistance 

For all other services please contact appropriate Reference Unit.


Clinical Lead for HIV resistance and Mycobacteria
Consultant Medical Microbiologist: Dr Matthijs Backx
Pathogen Genomics Laboratory Team
Clinical Scientist and Head of Unit: Dr Sally Corden
Senior Biomedical Scientist Deputy Head: Joanne Watkins
Senior Biomedical Scientist: Bree Gatica-Wilcox
Trainee Clinical Scientist: Laura Gifford
Specialist Biomedical Scientists:  Alec Birchley & Sara Kumziene-Summerhayes
Healthcare Scientists:  Jason Coombes, Sarah Taylor, Dr Rebeca Evans, Alex Adams & Fabiola Przychodnia
Associate Practitioners: Lauren Gilbert & Aaron Sheehan
Pathogen Genomics Bioinformatics Team 
Consultant Bioinformatician: Prof Thomas Connor
Lead Bioinformaticians: Dr Sara Rey & Dr Catryn Williams
Senior Bioinformaticians: Dr Jonathan Jenkins, Dr Dyfed Evans & Andrew Beazer
Bioinformaticians: Amy Gaskin, Milly Roberts & Emily Brightwell

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