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Obesity in Wales (2019)

These products have been created to support Welsh Government’s ‘Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales’ strategy development and the accompanying consultation. They also aim to inform strategic healthy weight planning in the future.

Key Messages

The publications include information on obesity-related health behaviours as well as family spending on food and drink. Since 2008, there has been an increase in adults consuming fewer than five portions of fruit or vegetables a day. Over the same period, spending on fruit and vegetables has declined having adjusted for inflation.

The evidence reviews conducted have revealed some related findings  from research studies attempting to influence food intake. Price reductions on fruit, vegetables and healthy foods increase their purchase. Few research studies, however, have been conducted in real world environments to identify ways to decrease the purchase of less healthy foods.

Evidence from research to increase physical activity though population level interventions is limited. Interventions that contribute to improvements in the quality of diet or to physical activity levels do not always translate to reductions in obesity. The issue is complex with changes to BMI arising for multiple interacting pathways.

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