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Fforestfach tyre fire (2018)

The Fforestfach fire started on 16 June 2011, and thick black smoke from the tyre fire affected many of the surrounding residential areas. The report examined if local residents contacted their GPs for breathing or heart complaints more often during and after the fire than they might have done otherwise.

Key Messages

This analysis used novel data linkage and GIS techniques. Data was accessed within the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) databank at Swansea University. The SAIL databank allows the anonymous tracking of patients through various healthcare systems using privacy protecting data linkage.

The results support the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution, whose guidelines suggest that the pollution concentrations detected at the time of the fire were likely to have a limited effect on the general population, but those with chronic conditions may be more vulnerable.

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Summary reports:

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Detailed reports:

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