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Equity of access to revascularisation in Wales by socioeconomic deprivation

This publication investigates whether equity of access to revascularisation improved, following service redesign for Welsh residents admitted to hospital with a first time acute myocardial infarction (AMI).

Key Messages

Revascularisation refers to a group of procedures that restore the flow of blood to the heart to overcome the effects of coronary heart disease.

The publication looks at the effect of measures to reduce historical socioeconomic inequity of access to health care, in this case revascularisation. The report has been shared with the All Wales Heart Disease Delivery Plan Implementation Group and the cardiac networks. It may also be of interest to Welsh Government, health boards and others with an interest in inequities in health.

The publication provides evidence that measures to tackle previously observed inequity of access to revascularisation across Wales have been successful for those admitted with a first time AMI. The analysis also shows that there has been increased access for all in a timelier manner regardless of socioeconomic deprivation.

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A research paper on this study was published in the BMJ Open in October 2016:

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