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Public Health Wales Microbiology Swansea

Public Health Wales Microbiology Swansea
Singleton Hospital
Tel: 01792 285053
Out of hours: via Singleton switchboard
Fax: 01792 203320
Email: ....
Public Health Wales Microbiology Swansea
DX 6070300
Swansea 90 SA
Specialist Laboratory Services
► Toxoplasma Reference Laboratory


Public Health Wales Microbiology Division has been awarded UKAS accreditation for compliance with ISO 15189:2012
The following local tests are currently outside of our accredited scope due to service improvement projects and are awaiting assessment by UKAS.
  1. Streptococcus  pneumonia Urinary Antigen (BinaxNOW)
  2. Eplex blood culture identification
  3. Toxoplasma immunohisto staining
  4. Multilocus genotyping of Cryptosporidium parvum
  5. Sterile fluid samples other than Blood received in Blood Culture bottles
  6. Gram staining using automated Polystainer
  7. Detection of H Pylori antigen in faeces
  8. Rapid identification of micro-organisms from positive blood cultures using the Bruker Maldi-Tof Sepsityper
  9. Rapid detection of carbapenemase producing organisms from rectal swabs and cultured isolates using the Cepheid GeneXpert
  10. Rapid Respiratory Detection testing using Biofire
  11. Sars-CoV-2

Ongoing assurance of quality in the meantime is maintained by internal and external quality assurance, quality control and training.
Please refer to Public Health Wales Microbiology UKAS schedule of Accreditation ( for the full scope, including tests referred to specialist and reference units within the Public Health Wales Microbiology Division.