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What could I be asked to do?

To do the research we need to speak to people who have been told by a contact tracer that they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus and asked to self-isolate.

This is why you may have recently received a text (SMS) or telephone call to take part in a short online or telephone survey. 

Both Beaufort Research Agency and Healthcare Communications are working on behalf of Public Health Wales.

They received your contact details from Public Health Wales as you have recently been contacted by the NHS Test, Trace, Protect Service and told you are a contact of a positive case of Coronavirus and asked to self-isolate.

Public Health Wales has a statutory responsibility to conduct and commission research that provides information that can protect the health of the people of Wales.

For information on this, please visit the UK Government website here:

The Public Health Wales NHS Trust (Establishment) Order 2009