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The Health Profile - for adults


Your Health Profile gives people information about you. The information will help them to give you the right care at the right time. 


Click here to download your Health Profile (PDF)
How to fill in your Health Profile (PDF)

Guidance notes for families and carers (PDF)

This leaflet will help you understand how to fill in your Health Profile.

Everyone is different, so write about your health and the help and support that you need.

The Health Profile is yours to fill in. You can take your Health Profile with you when you go to hospital. Or to see health and social care staff. You can use the Health Profile instead of the hospital passport.  It is better to use the Health Profile because it includes all the information your health workers need. It can be used in visits with all the different types of health workers as well as in hospital.

Important things to remember:
  • Someone can help you fill in your Health Profile if you want.
  • Check all your information every year. If something changes, fill in a new Health Profile.
  • For example, if your medicine or tablets change, fill in a new Health Profile, change the medicine and change the date you filled in the new form.
  • Write clearly and give clear information, so it is easier for other people to use the information.
  • Take your Health Profile to all your health appointments.

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