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What is improvement?


Improvement Cymru

At work or in our home lives; we all improve things every day. It could be redrafting forms in work, so that they make sense to all who use them. It could be starting a couch-to-5k run programme, or improving our work-life balance. Some attempts succeed – some don’t. Regardless of the outcome, however, it’s the notion of wanting to improve that’s important.

But what is the concept of improvement – and how can it help us? 

Think about how you have looked to make a situation better:

  • How did you know something wasn’t working?
  • Who else did you involve in your team?
  • How did you test changes to make it better?
  • How did you know you had made things better?
  • Did the new and improved way last?

Improvement is about providing a simple and straightforward structure to answer these questions.

Improvement is learning about the system in which you work, testing ways to make it work better for you, your team and the people you care for – to give it the best chance of succeeding.


How do you deliver improvement?

Improvement Cymru

Improvements don’t just happen overnight: they have to be methodically planned and delivered in a safe way – to ensure any changes you make are long-term improvements for the better. 

There are models, processes and techniques to help you do this effectively; together, these are known as ‘Improvement Science’. 

Our Improvement Cymru Academy can help you learn more about this. 


Improvement Cymru Services

Improvement Cymru

The essence of what we do starts with us leading improvement, using our Q Lab Cymru* and Improvement Cymru Framework we deliver a suite of all-Wales Improvement Cymru Programmes. Through these programmes, we are able to embed an all-Wales improvement approach in priority areas.

We embed improvement skills via our Improvement Cymru Academy. The next step in the improvement Journey, our Academy offers a variety of courses, tools, coaches and advisers – all of which are driven by our all-Wales Improvement standards.


*in partnership with Q at the Health Foundation 

Improvement Cymru

Find out more:

Visit the Improvement Cymru Academy section to start your improvement journey. 

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