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Step 5 - Consultation

In this stage you should be summarising what you have completed and collated so far from Steps 1-4 into the contents for a draft EIA report. This draft report is submitted for consultation. This stage is focused on engaging with other bodies about the EIA and gaining feedback to improve and inform the final EIA report.


What have you obtained so far?

  • A draft EIA report should be created to summarise all the information and data collected in steps 1 – 4
  • Ensure the draft is thorough and that no steps or material have been overlooked
  • Consider the information gathered on all groups impacted by the policy
  • An action plan may also be included in the draft report

Have any themes emerged?

  • Make note of any emerging themes or aspects you have found that particularly stand out in the data
  • Are certain groups disproportionately impacted?
  • If a specific group is underrepresented in the draft EIA report, consider why this might be

What do people have to say about our work?

  • Recognise the importance of feedback on the EIA; consider past involvement and consultation
  • Although this is the formal consultation stage, engagement should take place throughout the EIA process
  • It is a crucial responsibility to consult widely on the draft report


How will you consult widely on your policy?

  • Examine the resources available to facilitate wide consultation
  • Ensure you have enough time and resources to complete the consultation appropriately
  • Make the draft available on accessible formats (e.g. different languages, Easy Read, etc.)
  • Publicise the consultation throughout local and regional areas
  • Consider how to reach different groups and establish the most appropriate methods for each
  • Make sure consultation methods encourage participation


Who will you consult with?

  • Consult with groups most adversely affected by the policy, as well as the public generally
  • It is important to ensure that all protected characteristic groups are represented in the consultation

How long will the consultation stage last?

  • A minimum of 8 weeks for consultation is acceptable
  • A 12 week consultation period is best practice

Download the Step 5 checklist here.