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Early Action Together

The Early Action Together programme is supporting the police, prison and probation services to work collaboratively with multi-agencies (e.g. social services, schools, housing, third sector etc.) across Wales so they can identify vulnerable people, intervene early and keep them out of the criminal justice system, break the generational cycle of crime and ultimately improve their lives.

The programme is primarily doing this by training frontline police and criminal justice staff and giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to work with other partners and offer support to vulnerable people who have experienced trauma.

90% of demand on police is complex welfare, public safety and vulnerability issues so they are well placed to intervene more effectively and reduce the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEs and trauma

ACEs Learning Network

The Early Action Together ACEs learning network has been developed by Public Health Wales and the Royal Society for Public Health, all four police forces in Wales and key partner organisations across the UK.

This Learning Network has been designed to provide helpful information for the public, professionals and Police about the Early Action Together programme and its work in relation to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).  The platform shares useful information and research about ACEs as well as best practice and resources.