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Temporary change to service due to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, the Cryptosporidium Reference Unit will, until further notice, only accept slides for genotyping that are associated with an ongoing event/outbreak, or potential public health emergency (e.g. boil advice has been issued or is likely to be issued). Such slides can be sent irrespective of the number of oocysts on the slide.
The water company should contact the CRU before the slides are sent, to discuss the on-going situation, ensure likely outcomes are made clear, and that the time required to obtain a result is agreed.
Please refer to the current version of the user guide for the submission of slides and submission form 3, obtained from:
Laboratories should retain all Cryptosporidium-positive slides so that if an initial detection develops into a public health emergency (e.g. boil advice has been issued), slides can then, if necessary, be sent for genotyping.