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Child Measurement Programme for Wales


The Child Measurement Programme for Wales measures the height and weight of children in Reception class.

We want to learn how children in Wales are growing so that NHS Wales can better plan and deliver health services.

Public Health Wales is responsible for the coordination of the Child Measurement Programme and every health board across Wales is taking part in the programme.

Latest Results

  • Over 31,000 reception-age children were weighed and measured in 2018/19 as part of the programme. There was a slight fall in the number of children participating since the previous year, the percentage of children participating fell slightly from 93.7% to 93.4%.
  • Just over seven in every ten children have a healthy weight.
  • There has been a small but statistically significant rise in obesity prevalence between 2012/13 and 2018/19 from 11.3% to 12.6%.
  • Children are significantly more likely than the Welsh average to be obese, if they live in areas of higher deprivation. The gap between obesity prevalence in the most and least deprived quintiles has increased from 5.9% in 2017/18 to 6.9% in 2018/19.
  • The local authority area with the highest prevalence of obesity is Merthyr Tydfil where 20.7% of children are obese. This is more than double that of the local authority areas with the lowest prevalence – the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire at 8.6% and Ceredigion at 8.8%.
  • 26.9% of children in Wales are overweight or obese, compared to 22.6% in England and 22.4% in Scotland in this age group