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Child Measurement Programme for Wales

The Child Measurement Programme for Wales measures the height and weight of children in Reception class.

We want to learn how children in Wales are growing so that NHS Wales can better plan and deliver health services.

Public Health Wales is responsible for the coordination of the Child Measurement Programme and every health board across Wales is taking part in the programme.

Latest Results

  • Data collection in 2020/21 was interrupted across many parts of Wales due to school closures and prioritisation of resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are, therefore, only able to report data for two Health Boards – Swansea Bay and Aneurin Bevan – where we have sufficient data for reliable results. This also means we cannot provide an overall figure for Wales.
  • In both Health Boards we see a significant rise in the percentage of 4/5 year olds having obesity and a significant decline in the proportion who were a healthy weight compared to 2018/19.
  • It is not possible to extrapolate the findings to all Wales as Local Health Board population characteristics vary.