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I am an FtM/trans man undergoing treatment at colposcopy for abnormal cells and have recently changed my gender by deed poll. Will I still be invited for treatment and will the letters be addressed to my registered name or my birth name?

You will need to take proof of your change of name (deed poll or Statutory Declaration) to your GP and request that they change your registered name and gender.

In some GP practices it may only be the GP who can change the gender marker. You or your GP will also need to have your details changed at the hospital or clinic where the smear test is to be taken.

Once your details are changed your letters will be addressed to your registered name.

Once you have changed your gender, it will no longer be possible for Cervical Screening Wales to send you invitations for screening or smear test results. You will need to arrange to have follow-up smears with the clinic or your GP, who will give you your results.