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 J004456_cervical screening booklet June 2020 Eng_p1-12.pdf (PDF, 7.3Mb)
 HPV easy read english1.pdf (PDF, 2.4Mb)

 colposcopy booklet eng no crop.pdf (PDF, 1.7Mb)

 CSW08_Treatment_following-Ver6August2014.pdf (PDF, 73Kb)

 cervical screening booklet_MLP.pdf (PDF, 39Kb)

 Cervical Screening Booklet: Large Print (PDF, 39Kb)

This leaflet tells you about having a smear test (Large print version).

 Cervical Screening Booklet (PDF, 631Kb)

This leaflet tells you about the cervical screening programme in Wales. Cervical screening is for women 25 to 64 years of age

 Having a Smear Test and Testing for HPV: Easy Read (PDF, 2.4Mb)

This leaflet tells you about having a smear and testing for a virus called HPV.  Easy Read Version

Easy Read , Leaflets
 Cervical Screening for Older Women (PDF, 39Kb)

This leaflet explains why the cervical screening programme stops at the age of 64.

 Your Colposcopy appointment (PDF, 147Kb)

This leaflet explains 'what is a colposcopy' and gives possible reasons of why you may have been asked to attend the colposcopy clinic.

 Key Facts About Cervical Screening (PDF, 109Kb)

Going for your free NHS cervicals creening could save your life. This leaflet explains how.

 HPV Testing Key Messages (PDF, 211Kb)

A downloadable document outlining what HPV is and more information about HPV testing.

 Stop Cancer Before it Starts Poster (jpg file, 159Kb)

A Cervical Screening Wales poster encouraging women to attend their cervical screening.

BSL Video 'About Your Smear Test'

This BSL video on YouTube information tells you about having a smear.

BSL , Videos
BSL Video 'About Your Cervical Screening Test'

This BSL video on Vimeo tells you about having your cervical screening test.

BSL , Videos