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Week 46: 'How Are We Doing in Wales' public engagement survey results

Published: 26 February 2021

The results of the latest ‘How Are We Doing in Wales’ public engagement survey have been released by Public Health Wales.

The key findings are: 

  • 90 per cent of people said either that they would want (60 per cent) a coronavirus vaccination or that they had already had one (30 per cent); 8 per cent said they would not want one and 2 per cent were unsure.   
  • 18 per cent of people said they were ‘very worried’ that they could get coronavirus; down from 26 per cent in the last survey week.
  • 72 per cent of people said they would be happy to accept low levels of coronavirus in the community if it meant we could return to our normal way of life.
  • 61 per cent of people with children in their household said that, in the last 7 days, they had been worrying ‘a lot’ about the wellbeing of their children.
  • 48 per cent of people said their mental health was worse now than it was this time last year; equivalent to almost 1.2 million adults.

The latest Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) public engagement survey report from Public Health Wales covers the period of 15th to 21st February 2021, when 600 people were surveyed.

Every two weeks, Public Health Wales conducts interviews with hundreds of people aged 18 or over across Wales, to understand how Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures being used to prevent its spread are affecting the physical, mental and social wellbeing of people in Wales.

The survey is part of a raft of measures implemented by Public Health Wales to support public health and wellbeing through Coronavirus.