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Survey reveals eight in 10 Welsh adults would want to be vaccinated against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) if a vaccine became available  

According to the latest national engagement survey conducted by Public Health Wales, 83 per cent of people would want to be vaccinated against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) if a vaccine were to become available; 10 per cent would not and seven per cent are unsure.  

Among those with children, more than three quarters (78 per cent) said that they would want their children to be vaccinated; eight per cent answered no and 13 per cent are unsure.

There is currently no vaccine available to protect against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, but Wales is playing an important role in vaccine trials currently underway across the UK.    

The latest Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) public engagement survey report from Public Health Wales covers the period of 20 - 26 July, when 604 people were surveyed.

The survey also showed that people are leaving their homes more often, having more social contact and using more self-protective practices. 42 per cent of people reported having left their home every day in the last week (up from 34 per cent in week 14 of the survey, covering 6 – 12 July). Further, nearly half (44 per cent) of people said they had come into close contact (within one metre) with at least three people from outside their household or extended household in the last seven days.

More than half (54 per cent) of people said that they had washed their hands with soap and water or used hand sanitiser more than 10 times on the day before the survey – up from 51 per cent in week 14.

The results also showed that 77 per cent of people think that the restrictions in place to manage Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) are ‘about right’ (up from 74 per cent in week 14).

Each week, Public Health Wales conducts interviews with hundreds of people aged 18 or over across Wales, to understand how Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures being used to prevent its spread are affecting the physical, mental and social wellbeing of people in Wales.

Professor Karen Hughes, who coordinates the survey for Public Health Wales, said:  

“There is a huge amount of work underway to try and develop a vaccine against COVID-19, and it is very positive to see that more than eight out of 10 people in Wales would want to be vaccinated if such a vaccine did become available. A vaccine should help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and would hopefully help protect those who are most vulnerable to severe complications if they were to contract the virus.

“The survey also shows us how people are starting to leave their homes more often, meet with family and friends and have more close social contact. It is encouraging that self-protective behaviours are also increasing, such as regular hand washing. However, the threat we face from Coronavirus is still very real. Successfully navigating our way out of lockdown requires the optimism and enthusiasm people feel for a return to normal life to be matched with continued commitment to follow the latest guidance.”

The survey is part of a raft of measures implemented by Public Health Wales to support public health and wellbeing through Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Other measures include Public Health Wales’ ‘How are you doing?’ wellbeing campaign, created to support the people of Wales to look after their wellbeing and to ensure public health is protected during this period.