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Results of latest public engagement survey from Public Health Wales

The results of the latest ‘How Are We Doing in Wales’ public engagement survey have been released by Public Health Wales. 

The key findings are: 

•    69% of people think that in six months’ time, we will have a vaccine that protects most people from coronavirus; an increase from 38% in the last survey week (2-8 November).
•    70% of people said they would want to be vaccinated against coronavirus if a vaccine became available. Of those with children in the household, 60% said they would want their children to be vaccinated. 
•    83% of people thought NHS staff should be prioritised to receive a coronavirus vaccination first.* The next most commonly selected groups for prioritisation were adults with underlying health conditions (40%) and adults aged 70 and over (31%).
•    66% of people said their quality of life had been made worse in the last six months by lockdown and other coronavirus restrictions; and 48% that it had been made worse by worrying about catching coronavirus.
•    75% of people said they were more worried about catching coronavirus than about having further restrictions imposed on them.
•    60% of people are concerned about the impact of coronavirus restrictions on their mental health and wellbeing over the next few months (37% a little concerned, 23% a lot concerned).

The latest Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) public engagement survey report from Public Health Wales covers the period of 16-22 November, when 601 people were surveyed.

Every two weeks, Public Health Wales conducts interviews with hundreds of people aged 18 or over across Wales, to understand how Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures being used to prevent its spread are affecting the physical, mental and social wellbeing of people in Wales. 

The survey is part of a raft of measures implemented by Public Health Wales to support public health and wellbeing through Coronavirus. 

The full report is available to download here:

How are we doing in Wales Survey Week 33 (16th to 22nd November 2020) 

*Participants were asked which two groups from a list of seven they thought should be prioritised to receive a vaccination first