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Public Health Outcomes Framework reporting tool updated with latest data

Published: 14 December 2023

Public Health Wales has refreshed the indicators in the Public Health Outcomes Framework reporting tool.  

First published in March 2016, the purpose of the Public Health Outcomes Framework is to help understand the impact which individual behaviours, public services, programmes and policies are having on health and wellbeing in Wales.  

Key findings include:  

  • In this iteration we've updated our National Survey for Wales, breastfeeding, low birth weight, teenage conceptions and mortality indicators 
  • Suicide remains significantly higher in males, and higher rates can also be found in more deprived areas of Wales 
  • Smoking is almost three times higher in deprived areas than the least deprived 
  • The rate of loneliness is almost four times higher amongst those limited a lot by a disability, compared to those not limited. 

The Public Health Outcomes Framework is produced on behalf of Welsh Government and was developed in the context of other national strategies and frameworks that seek to inspire and inform action to improve the health of the nation. In particular, it underpins the national indicators for the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, by providing a more detailed range of measures that reflect the wider determinants that influence health and well-being.