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New resources available to help the primary care workforce promote healthier behaviours

Published: 6 February

Public Health Wales’ Primary Care Division has launched the first two products in a series of resources to help staff in primary care have conversations to support people to adopt healthier behaviours. 

The resources are targeted at different parts of the primary care workforce, with the first two publications being for those working in General Practice and Optometry. These resources are designed to help the frontline workforce initiate conversations around healthy behaviours and signpost people to further information, as well as to identify quality improvement actions for services.  

The resources discuss key health behaviours, in relation to smoking, alcohol, healthy weight, physical activity, and preventing type 2 diabetes, along with information regarding Making Every Contact Count and Social Prescribing.  

The resources also remind staff to think about their own health behaviours, and that they can equally access the support services outlined themselves.  

Zoe Wallace, Director of Primary Care for Public Health Wales, said: “Colleagues in primary care have many opportunities to speak to individuals and to encourage them to adopt healthier behaviours, but it is recognised that these are not always easy conversations to have. 

“These resources are designed to help the primary care workforce to guide individuals towards adopting healthy behaviours and provide them with further sources of help.  

“The resources for general practice and optometry colleagues have been released, and will be followed by resources for the community pharmacy and dental workforces.”