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Development of 'Antibiotic Eye' online portal allows healthcare professionals in Wales to get localised data on antimicrobial resistance

Published: 29 June 2023

Recent development of the ‘Antibiotic Eye’ online portal will enable healthcare professionals in Wales to have more localised and timely data on the antimicrobial resistance (AMR) position in the communities in which they work.

Accessible by anyone with an NHS Wales ID, the portal already provides access to antimicrobial usage data for primary and secondary care. The AMR section of the portal has been developed as part of the ongoing work of the Antimicrobial Surveillance team at Public Health Wales to inform antimicrobial guidelines and support antimicrobial stewardship.  

The portal is aimed at healthcare professionals in both the primary and secondary care, particularly those who prescribe or dispense antimicrobials.  It will enable users to obtain AMR data for their community down to GP cluster or hospital level. 

Dr Eleri Davies, Head of Healthcare associated infections, Antimicrobial Resistance and Prescribing programme (HARP), said:

“Antimicrobial resistance requires urgent attention as the overuse of antibiotics means that they become less effective for the treatment of common infections”. 

“This portal will enable healthcare professionals to have a greater knowledge of the level of AMR in their area, which will enable them to make appropriate clinical decisions with more information.” 

It can be found here, and can be accessed by NHS Wales’s staff.