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Could cutting carbon emissions be the best New Year's resolution we could all make?

Published: 10 January 2023

Climate Change is the most significant threat to human health and well-being as well as to the health of the planet. 

The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is now higher than it has ever been in human history. 

The leading cause of climate change is human activity. 

Ann Jones, Principal in Sustainable Development and Health, Public Health Wales, explains why committing to cutting carbon could be the best New Year’s resolution you could make this year. 

“New Year, new me…get fit, lose weight, look after myself a bit better. That’s what I tell myself every year and do I succeed? Unfortunately no.  With three young children and now a puppy, not forgetting work, housework, a husband and just life, I hardly have time to sneeze these days, so maybe I need to be kinder to myself (that’s what my friends tell me)". 

"This has inspired me to have a 2023 New Year Resolution Kit. It’s a wellbeing kit. I plan to meet friends and get out more with the dog on the beautiful Anglesey beaches that surround me, eat a healthier diet and make more time for me. I also want to create good habits in my own children and make them appreciate the little things in life.  

"My passion is to ensure that children and young people have the best start in life and I am so lucky to be working in the Health and Sustainability Hub, at Public Health Wales which is trying to do just that.  Since joining the Hub, I have been amazed by the passion and outstanding resources that has been developed to help us look after ourselves, our planet and our future generations and be more sustainable at the same time.   

"As we all know, climate change is a public health emergency and Public Health Wales are contributing towards Net Zero by 2030.  Considering the natural environment and the health of the planet and people in everything we do is more important now than ever.  

"To support the Public Health Wales Decarbonisation plan, the Hub has produced an infographic to help us all to think about the little things we can change, which collectively can make a big difference.  Some of the things I do is turning down the heating and refilling my shampoo and conditioner bottles. I’ve bought an Eco laundry egg and swapped to LED lights, all of which is saving me money now.  Have a look at the infographic to get some ideas for your own New Year sustainable resolutions at home and at work. 

"Wales is acting today for a better tomorrow with its unique and world-leading Well-being of Future Generations Act. Share how are you are acting today for a better tomorrow –

"Good luck with your own New Year’s Sustainable Resolutions and together we can make a difference now and for our future generations".