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Behaviourally informed communications: A tool 

Published: 20 March 2023

Public Health Wales has published a new practical tool that details how actively using behavioural science to better understand human behaviour can lead to more effective communication.  

Alice Cline, Senior Behavioural Scientist at Public Health Wales, said: “Communications that have impact are a critical component of policy and intervention development. Designing and delivering public sector communications using evidence-based behavioural science techniques means we can get what we aim for more often. 

 “By developing a deeper understanding of how and why individuals and populations respond to circumstances, we can have greater impact through more tailored and evidence-based planning and delivery. 

“Throughout the guide, we share behavioural science techniques and approaches, and walk the user through a step by step process using the ‘SCALE’ approach, to help strengthen their communications.” 

‘Developing Behaviourally Informed Communications’ is for anyone who needs to influence behaviour through communications such as letters, videos, leaflets or posters and is a brief ‘grab-and-go’, easy to use, practical tool. It takes the user through an editable PDF, detailing how being Specific, Considering barriers and facilitators to change, Assembling your campaign content, taking time to plan the Layout of your communications and planning in Evaluation, all build to a more effective campaign.