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Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing runs through the heart of all we do as an employer and is focussed on our employees, their family and their wellness in life and at work. 

We want to enable our employees to have healthier working lives and to enjoy the experience of working here, and to sustain that throughout their employment with us. We will enable them to achieve the best they can in physical and mental well-being and to fulfil their potential at work. 

We recognise that not everybody is the same and also that people have different needs at different times of their working lives. 

What do we do for employee wellbeing?

We have established mechanisms which allow senior leaders, Trade Union colleagues, members of our enabling functions and representatives from our staff networks to fully collaborate on our organisational aims for employee wellbeing and engagement.  This has enabled us to ensure a co-ordinated and integrated approach across the organisation in support of our aim of ensuring good wellbeing for all staff. 

We undertake regular staff surveys, and other engagement activity, to ensure that we understand what our people need, and then develop action plans based on what our staff tell us.  

Access to a range of supportive wellbeing resources, including our Employee Assistance Programme provider, Care first, is available to all staff.  We also signpost to a range of health promotion activities and events throughout the year.  As an employer, our biggest focus is ensuring that we mainstream wellbeing throughout the organisation, so we try to do things in a range of ways so that all staff groups feel supported and able to access activities.  


How can I get involved in employee wellbeing?

Like many other employers, we know we need to actively support and promote mental wellbeing, so we are offering ongoing development for managers and employees in this topic. Courses include: 

  • Mental Health Masterclass – for line managers  
  • Mental Health Masterclass – for staff  
  • Care Space sessions – group sessions looking at how you can be kind to yourself  

We also deliver Team Wellbeing check ins, where team members generate actions to support their wellbeing.   

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