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Digital and Data Strategy

Our Digital and Data Strategy will use the modern technology people expect and make better use of the information we and others have in order to provide the maximum effect on health and well-being outcomes in Wales. We have also developed the following five main digital principles to guide our work.

  • User needs first: People and their needs are at the heart of what we do.
  • Accessible and equal: Everyone who needs our services can find and use them. 
  • Open by default: By sharing openly and transparently, we increase the value of our services and earn the trust of others.
  • Efficient: We reuse what we can and test our assumptions before we carry them out. 
  • People-focused: We value the people who build and run our services.

Our Digital and Data Strategy will focus on a number of main areas, including building on solid foundations, making sure that we deliver our priorities, and improving public health through digital technology.