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Welsh Language

Since 30 May 2019, Public Health Wales has been subject to a Welsh Language Standards Compliance Notice set by the Welsh Language Commissioner under Section 44 of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011.

The Compliance Notice comprises four categories of Standards:

  • Service Delivery Standards - their aim is to promote and facilitate the use of Welsh in service provision and to ensure that the Welsh language is not treated less favourably than the English language
  • Policy Making Standards - these Standards require decision makers to consider the effect that their decision making may have on people's opportunities to use Welsh and on treating the Welsh language no less favourably than the English language
  • Operational Standards - these Standards deal with the way in which Public Health Wales uses Welsh internally and promotes the concept of a bilingual workplace, affording employees some rights in relation to receiving their HR Service in Welsh
  • Record Keeping Standards – these Standards deal with data and recording systems relating to the other Standards

Annual Reports

We have published reports on our compliance with the Welsh Language Standards since 2019-20.


Language Concerns

If you have any concerns about Public Health Wales’ compliance with the Welsh Language Standards, please use our Complaints procedure on our website.

You also have a right to direct any complaints relating to the Welsh language to the Welsh Language Commissioner: Welsh Language Commissioner's Website.


Public Health Wales Compliance Notice

Hysbysiad Cydymffurfio Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru

The Welsh Language Standards (No. 7) Regulations 2018