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Supporting the development of a sustainable health and care system focused on prevention and early intervention

Nurse consoling patient

We will work alongside our partners to support the development of sustainable and accessible health and care systems focused on prevention and early intervention.

We will be working collaboratively to support the development of sustainable and accessible models of care that focus on prevention, population based screening, timely intervention, continuous improvement and seamless care to maximize population benefit across the life course.

By 2030, we expect to have:

  • shifted the balance from hospital to community based care
  • reduced the burden of disease from long term conditions, with reduced incidence, improved early detection and survival outcomes
  • shifted the focus from professional to shared care
  • continued to develop and deliver evidence based screening programmes, maximising benefit from new technologies and risk based algorithms

This means:

  • shifting towards prevention
  • early intervention in the community
  • delivering high quality national population based screening programmes
  • ensuring equitable service delivery
  • improving quality and patient safety

By 2030, we will:

  • maximise opportunities to prevent disease through health service interactions with patients
  • increase disease prevention and earlier intervention through approaches to maintain and improve focus on national population-based screening programmes. When disease is detected, pathways of care will be seamless
  • reduce variation and inequality in care and harm in its delivery
  • support care moving closer to the home and centre it round patients and carers