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Securing a healthy future for the next generation

Kids huddled over camera

We will work with parents and services to ensure the best start in life for all children in Wales.

Early years are defined in policy in Wales as the period from pregnancy to seven years of age. A child’s early years are a key time to ensure good outcomes later in life including better learning, access to good work and a fulfilling life.

By 2030 we want Wales to have:

  • more children to have achieved their full potential
  • to have supported parents in raising children and fewer children in Wales experiencing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

This means:

  • supporting families to give children the best start in life
  • helping children feel safe and secure by preventing emotional trauma and toxic stress (preventing ACEs)
  • facilitating supportive adult/child relationships
  • supporting early years services to promote children’s well-being

By 2030, we will:

  • seek to ensure that every child has the best start in life and will have promoted and supported an integrated population based support system for all parents and families
  • have increased the proportion of settings that take action to promote health in early years
  • have worked with partners to reduce abuse and neglect of children