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Promoting healthy behaviours

Child carrying strawberries

We will understand the drivers of unhealthy behaviour and make healthy choices easier for people.

People’s health related behaviours are influenced by a range of factors including social, economic and physical environment and mental well-being. By making it easier for people to adopt healthy behaviours we will reduce the burden of disease and help narrow the gap in health inequalities arising from long term conditions such as obesity, cancers, heart conditions, stroke, respiratory disease and dementia.

By 2030 we want Wales to have an environment and society in Wales in which healthy choices are the easy choices.

This means:

  • rapidly reducing smoking prevalence
  • increasing physical activity and promoting healthy weight
  • preventing harm from a range of behaviours including substance use

By 2030, we will:

  • work with Welsh Government and others to deliver year on year increases in the proportion of children and young people who are smoke free and help an increasing number of smokers to quit
  • have significantly increased the proportion of children and young people in Wales who are a healthy weight when they start school and into adulthood
  • work to create co-ordinated action across the whole system to support healthy food choices and promote a more active Wales
  • have changed social norms about the acceptability of a range of health harming behaviours