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Influencing the wider determinants of health

Port Talbot in the snow

We will collaborate with others to understand and improve factors that impact on everyone's health.

The wider determinants of health are social, economic and environmental factors that influence health, well-being and inequalities. By influencing the design and implementation of national and local policies and strategies relating to these determinants we will improve people’s well-being and reduce inequalities in health.

Key determinants of health and well-being are our family, friends and communities, the quality and security of our housing, our level of education and skills, availability of good work, money and resources and also our surroundings.

By 2030 we want the people of Wales to have a more equal chance of living a fulfilling life, free from preventable ill health.

This means:

  • helping children learn and young people achieve their potential

  • supporting policy development that minimises income inequality

  • supporting employers to create environments that support well-being

  • supporting the NHS to reduce the impact of poverty, low income and debt as barriers to good health

  • reducing the number of people that fall out of work as a result of poor health

  • working with others to prevent homelessness

  • promoting good housing quality

  • maximising the potential of the built and natural environment to improve health and well-being

By 2030, we will:

  • have a learning environment in schools and other educational settings that better improve health

  • have established the sustainable development principle as a way of working and we are enabling high quality Health Impact Assessment across Wales

  • have influenced the main employers in Wales to create good work, maintain employment and invest in staff health and well-being

  • be a leading source of advice and evidence on the wider determinants of health to key decision makers

  • have improved the quality and accessibility of housing in Wales through an innovative health and housing partnership

  • have worked with partners to maximise the potential of the built and natural environment to improve health and well-being