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A Message from Gold

At our Gold meeting last week we had a discussion on our response level – currently at enhanced but working as if we were at a major incident. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of moving to declaring a major incident and what difference this change in response level would mean. I welcomed the advice from those present. Executives will discuss this tomorrow so look for next week’s update which will cover BET and Gold this week. 

 We received an update from Robin Howe, Incident Director and Clinical Lead for Microbiology on Patients Know Best for COVID-19 reporting. Patients Know Best is a patient-held health record where patients can log into a secure, online portal to access their data and manage their health and wellbeing. It is currently being piloted in various clinical areas, particularly in Swansea Bay University Health Board (SBUHB). At Gold we approved a pilot use for SBUHB staff to access their COVID-19 test results via Patients Know Best and continue to work on the roll-out of Patients Know Best across Wales. If successful, this could speed up the way staff receive their results and reduce the number of enquiries we receive chasing test results.  

As ever, a big thank you to all staff for all of the efforts in tackling the pandemic. Your hard work and dedication are making a big difference to responding to the pandemic and I thank you all very much.