Cycle To Work Scheme

Limit increased to £2500

During the ‘Ask Tracey’ session on the 5 August, the question was asked whether the upper limit of the cycle to work scheme could be increased from its’ current limit of £1000. This request has been considered and it has been agreed that the limit will be increased to £2500, you can hear Huw George talk about this increase in the latest Q&A recording here.

It's hoped that the increase will enable more employees to make use of the scheme and also support the work of our Sustainability hub who, earlier this month encouraged us all to be part of Wales green recovery by considering active travel as part of our daily commute. 

The benefits they highlighted were:

  • Cleaner air
  • Supporting our mental health and wellbeing
  • Saving money and reducing reliance on fuel helping to fight climate change
  • Being out in the sunshine helps boost Vitamin D which supports our immune system

Further details on our Cycle to Work Scheme can be found on the Intranet.