Changes to Skype user accounts

When will this happen?

On the weekend of 6 November, NWIS will be migrating all Public Health Wales user Skype “on premise” accounts to Skype in the Cloud.

The process will all be handled in the background and will be seamless from the user end.

How does this benefit me?

You will have the ability to use full Skype functionality as you did from your Windows PC and on a mobile Android or Apple device.

Chat, Audio and Video calls to colleagues within NHS Wales on-the-go from your personal or corporate mobile device.

What will I lose?

When creating a Skype meeting request from Microsoft Outlook you currently have the option to Join by phone and it provides a dial-in number. This will no longer be available.

Audio conferencing ‘join by phone’ will hopefully be available in Teams soon. We are just awaiting more clarification around the licensing from the national project team.

Over the next 6 months we will be working towards an exit strategy away from Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams.

Skype for Business Online will be retired by Microsoft in July 2021.

Please can all users start using Microsoft Teams as the default platform for meetings and collaborating with colleagues.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Your Office365 Migration Team