Be part of Wales' green recovery

During lockdown, many of us have been walking, cycling or running more, and perhaps taken up one of these activities for the first time. As lockdown continues to ease, perhaps we can continue to adopt these forms of travel during our commute and working day.

In week 8 of Public Health Wales’ public engagement survey ‘How are we doing in Wales?’, 64 percent of people considered less travel resulting in less pollution to be one of the positive long-term impacts of Coronavirus.

In addition to cleaner air, the benefits of active travel are clear:

  • Supporting our mental health and well-being
  • Adding exercise easily to our day
  • Saving money and reducing reliance on fuel helping to fight climate change
  • Being out in the sunshine helps boost vitamin D which supports our immune system

Below you will find web-links to a range of services for cycling, alongside the Welsh Government’s guidance on travel during COVID-19, which we hope will be of some help to you as we all plan socially-distanced travel.     

Getting a bike / accessories

Bike hire

Planning your journey

  • Cycle Streets UK lets you choose between the quietest, fastest or most balanced route
  • Sustrans’ National Cycle Network allows you to filter routes by region, distance and whether they are traffic free. Its Space to Move map shows the latest street changes across the UK in response to Covid-19
  • Public Health Wales’ Green Travel Intranet pages provide a range of information including the Directions & Facilities page which highlights the sustainable travel facilities available at each of our locations, including shower and changing facilities for those longer commutes and rainy days!
  • Transport for Wales’ ‘Bikes on Board’ information page on taking your bike on the train

Bike training and repairs


Walking, cycling and public transport

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As part of Wellbeing Wednesday, we are running fortnightly features where you’re involved in the ideas behind the content. 

This week, we asked you for your tips for active travel for your regular commute or what you plan on doing to travel actively when you return to your work base – here are some of your responses