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Tips for older adults

  • Talking to family or friends who can reassure you. Think about who makes you feel better and make a point of getting in touch with them. If you’re over 70 and don’t have someone to talk to, you can use Age Cymru’s Check-in and Chat Service
  • There are lots of different relaxation and mindfulness exercises that can help you to look after your wellbeing. Age UK has information about mindfulness on their website.
  • Trying to get some exercise every day, no matter how small. The NHS has some simple sitting exercises if you need to improve your mobility.
  • Thinking about positive times, research says this is good for us: going through old photographs and talking about your memories with others may help
  • Making contact with someone who makes you smile, it may be a friend, neighbour, grandchild. There are different ways of connecting with people and the BBC has a step-by-step guide on how to do a video call