Specific advice for people living with health conditions

Diabetes and physical activity 

This advice sheet describes the benefits of being active for diabetes and the type of activities that are good to try. The advice guides people with diabetes to start small and build up gradually in a way to suit the individual. For those people already exercising, this advice document gives more detailed information to help people manage type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. There is also specific advice on staying active at home. 

Heart Disease and physical activity 

This website provides advice for people with heart disease on how they can safely exercise during the COVID19 crisis, providing 9 tips to stay active indoors, accompanied by links to other supporting resources.

British Heart Foundation: Increasing the Challenge 

This is advice for those people already taking the recommended levels of physical activity with tips to help people keep improving their physical activity levels safely. 

British Heart Foundation: 10 minute online living room workout 

Cancers and physical activity  

Research has shown that exercise is safe, possible and helpful for many people with cancer and this website describes the ways in which people affected by cancer can safely exercise and indeed when people should not exercise or avoid certain types of exercise, for example during recovery from surgery. 

Lung Conditions and physical activity  

This resource contains videos and other resources for those people living with a lung condition. This includes the benefits of keeping active, the types and intensity of physical activity and sources of help and support.  Specifically at this time, there is information about being active at home with a lung condition.

Asthma and physical activity 

This website provides advice and information on the benefits of physical activity for people who have asthma and the ways in which people can introduce physical activity safely into their daily lives whilst managing their asthma symptoms. 

Parkinson’s Disease and physical activity  

In this article Parkinson’s experts share their top tips on how to stay active at home, including how to prepare your environment, how to consider your symptoms when deciding what exercise to take and links to various online resources depending upon the extent of your symptoms and condition. Activity within and outside of the home are described. 

Arthritis and physical activity  

Here you can find videos of exercises people can try in a chair in their own home as part of a programme developed to encourage people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions to become more active.

Stroke and physical activity 

This website contains many resources to help those recovering from a stroke to get and remain active at home during the COVID19 crisis. There is also information to address people’s possible concerns about being active after a stroke within a person’s abilities.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) and physical activity 

This website provides information on how to undertake physical activity if you suffer from high blood pressure.