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Patient Group Directions (PGDs) and Protocols Landing Page

This page provides information about Patient Group Directions (PGDs) and their use in clinical practice; alongside guidance, templates and resources. 

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Patient Group Directions (PGDs) are written instructions for the sale, supply and/or administration of medicines to groups of patients who may not be individually identified before presentation for treatment. 

For the COVID-19 vaccine programme, Public Health Wales (PHW) provide Wales template PGDs to all Health Boards/NHS Organisations for local review, authorisation and sign off procedures. 

For all other vaccine programmes, UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) provide their immunisation PGDs to Wales as a reference resource only for Health Boards/NHS Organisations to develop, produce and authorise their own PGDs according to local policies and governance procedures. We gratefully acknowledge UKHSA for permission to use their PGDs as reference resource. UKHSA do not allow the addition of local logos or adaptation to their PGDs. 

A Public Health Wales (PHW) advisory document will only be provided with the UKHSA reference resource when there are policy differences in Wales. 

Governance and sign off of any PGD is the responsibility of each authorising organisation. Practitioners using authorised PGDs must be familiar with all relevant chapters of the Green Book, Summary of Product Characteristic (SmPCs), Welsh policy and guidance (see also vaccine-specific pages on this website). 


UK guidance


Welsh guidance


Current PGD templates