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COVID-19 e-learning: Core knowledge module and Vaccine specific module - Available now

Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has now been approved by the MHRA. Public Health England (PHE) have reviewed their training materials against the vaccine safety and efficacy data as well as the revised JCVI guidance on priority groups for COVID-19.

A Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine eLearning module is now available. Immunisers can access this module via ESR. For more information including how non-NHS Wales staff can access the module visit: (Intranet) (Internet)

ESR and local authority leads have been informed about the availability of these training modules. They have been briefed on how to support staff if there are any issues with accessing COVID-19 immunisation eLearning.

The following resources have been updated by PHE:

These resources, along with COVID-19 vaccination guidance documents are available to view here: (NHS Wales only)

There is also an external (public facing) microsite:  this site has a resource page for health and social care professionals. COVID-19 training resources are also uploaded here.

COVID-19 vaccination programme Question and Answer (Q&A) session

The Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme (VPDP) will be holding another live Q&A event via Microsoft Teams to give those involved in delivering the COVID-19 vaccination programme the opportunity to ask a panel of expert’s questions. These sessions do not replace training, but we hope they will enhance and consolidate the knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 vaccination programme that attendees will have already acquired through the COVID-19 eLearning modules. This session is being held on Tuesday 15th December from 1pm and 2pm, it is open to all immunisers, please contact your immunisation coordinator for more details.