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Official Statistics - Cancer incidence in Wales, 2002-2020

Pathology samples indicating new cases of cancer in Wales, January 2018-May 2023

Published September 6th 2023


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The new cancer reporting tool holds Official Statistics for cancer incidence, mortality, and survival in Wales for the years 2002 onwards. It is an interactive dashboard that allows you to explore the data in different ways such as, for example: time series analysis, geographical area profiles, stage at diagnosis, area deprivation, comparisons with other UK nations and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tool also includes new experimental statistics showing monthly cancer pathology samples up to 2023, allowing a more rapid, timely insight into cancer incidence in Wales.

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Incidence of all cancers for diagnosis years 2002-2020 and pathology samples for years 2018 to 2023. The new incidence Official Statistics and experimental pathology data can be explored in the Cancer Reporting Tool and found in the incidence and pathology data tables.

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Supplementary data downloads were amended on the 26th June to address a quality issue identified in the published age-specific counts and rates. Some age-groups have been combined in the updated file. This has not affected any of the statistics published in the cancer reporting tool. 


Responsible statistician: Leon May


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Supporting Documents

Cancer Reporting Tool Technical Guide


Pre-release list

Dr Tracey Cooper, NHS Wales Cancer Board Chair and Chief Executive of Public Health Wales

Professor Tom Crosby, National Cancer Clinical Director for Wales

Anthony Davies, Senior Policy Manager, Value Based Healthcare Policy Team, Welsh Government