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Cancer mortality in Wales, 2001-2017

Latest available cancer mortality official statistics for Wales for years 2001 to 2017, by cancer type, sex, age at death and area disadvantage.

Published 29 November 2018

Responsible statistician: Rebecca Thomas


Telephone: +44 (0)29 2037 3500

Download the document here.


Dashboard & Data

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Cancer mortality extracts available here:

Number of deaths by five year age bands, sex and cancer type for Wales and Health boards

Correction: The above extract was corrected on the 5th April 2019 whereby age band ’10-19’ was corrected to ’10-14’.

Age standardised rates by sex, geography level and cancer type

Age standardised rates by sex, deprivation fifth and cancer type for the most common cancers


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The information contained in this mortality dashboard is to be sourced as "Office for National Statistics, November 2018".



The Restricted Statistics for "Cancer mortality in Wales, 2001-2017" were sent to the people on the pre-release list in accordance with the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics (Wales) Order 2009.


Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit

Official Statistics Pre-release list


Public Health Wales


Tracey Cooper

Huw George

Chrissie Pickin

Jyoti Atri

Ciarán Humphreys


Welsh Government


Anthony Davies

Stuart Fitzgerald

Chris Jones

Frank Atherton

Andrew Goodall


Other NHS


Tom Crosby                 


Local Public Health Teams


Robert Atenstaedt

Tracey Deacon                   

Kelechi Nnoaham

Stuart Bourne

Ros Jervis

Sandra Husbands

Sharon Hopkins



Sharon Hillier


Quality Assurance

A document regarding the quality assurance of administrative data can be found here.