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Your invitation

Who is screened?

Women aged from 50 up to their 70th birthday will receive a breast screening invitation in the post. We aim to invite women every three years.  

You may not receive your first invitation when you are aged 50.  We invite women based on when their doctor’s surgery is being screened.  You will be invited for screening before your 53rd birthday.

Women aged 70 and over will not be invited for screening, but can contact Breast Test Wales and ask for an appointment.

People who are transgender or non-binary may be invited for breast screening. For more information read our information for people who are transgender and non-binary.

We do not screen women with breast symptoms. If you have noticed a change in your breast do not wait for your breast screening appointment. It is important that you speak to your doctor.

We do not screen women aged under 50 as the breast screening programme has only been shown to be of benefit for women over 50.  If you have symptoms, or are worried about your family history, you should speak to your doctor.


How will I be invited?

Breast Test Wales gets your contact details held by your doctor. It is important that your doctor has your correct name and address, otherwise we may not be able to send your appointment letter to you. If you are not registered with a doctor, contact us to check if you can have breast screening.

You will need to let us know if you:

  • Are moving as you will need to complete a change of address form.  
  • Have had reconstructive surgery, breast implants or injectable fillers as it may be more difficult to screen you.

Some people may be invited for screening who do not need it.  We may not know if you are already being treated for breast cancer, or are being followed up at a hospital breast clinic.

We may also send an invitation to some people who have had both breasts removed (bilateral mastectomy).

Contact us if you require an invitation for breast screening, or if you think that you should not have been invited.


What if I need extra support?

Understanding the information

If you, or a person you support needs help to understand or read the information we sent, contact us before the appointment. We can provide you with information in different formats. For more information you may want to visit our Easy Read, BSL, Audio and Video pages. 

Going for my appointment

If you, or a person you support needs extra help going for screening, contact us before your appointment if you:

  • Need an interpreter because Welsh or English is not your first language.
  • Have a disability, so we can make sure we offer you an accessible appointment.
  • Use an assistance dog.
  • Need a carer to come with you.
  • You are caring for someone who cannot make decisions.
  • You have Power of Attorney for health and welfare for the person invited, you will need to bring ID and the Power of Attorney document to their appointment.

If you need to bring someone with you to your appointment let us know. It may be better for you to have your appointment at a breast screening centre.

Travelling to my appointment

If you think you are eligible for help travelling to your appointment. You can contact Patient Transport Services at your local hospital. They may be able to help you.

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