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CAV Symptomatic FIT pilot


Please complete all the questions below for the referral to be processed. Once the referral is received in the laboratory a symptomatic test pack will be sent to the patient's address via Royal Mail.

We would recommend the following for patients referred for lower GI symptoms in line with national guidance:

1. Clinical assessment of the patient by GP with abdominal and rectal examination
2. Recommended standard blood tests to include full blood count, ferritin, routine biochemistry (bone/liver/kidney), TFTs, coeliac serology if not done in the last 3 months. Consider faecal calprotectin for diarrhoeal symptoms (age <50)
3. FIT testing for patients satisfying the NG12 criteria only: Do not delay referral or wait for FIT results before referring to secondary care

NG 12- NICE suspected cancer guidelines (2 week wait):

Please refer to secondary care as normal alongside requesting the FIT test.
NICE recommend a referral within two weeks based on the following criteria:

1. Aged 40 and over with unexplained weight loss and abdominal pain** OR
2. Aged 50 and over with unexplained rectal bleeding OR
3. Aged 60 and over with Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA) or change in bowel habit (CIBH)
4. Any adult with a rectal mass or abdominal mass
5. Aged under 50 with rectal bleeding AND abdominal pain or CIBH or weight loss or IDA

**If appropriate, please consider direct access urgent CT abdomen for suspected pancreatic cancer as per NICE recommendation (

DG30- NICE guidelines: (Updated 2020)

(Please request FIT and if positive please refer to secondary care for further investigations)
Criteria in adults without rectal bleeding:

1. Aged 50 and over with unexplained weight loss or abdominal pain
2. Aged under 60 with Change in Bowel Habit or Iron Deficiency Anaemia
3. Aged 60 and over with Anaemia even in the absence of Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Any queries from clinicians about Symptomatic FIT can be sent to Please note the laboratory is unable to respond to queries from patients.