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Smoking in Wales (2020)

Smoking is a major public health concern and ranks as the top risk factor for disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) in Wales. Smoking in Wales is an interactive profile that includes detailed information on smoking behaviours, outcomes and cessation by health board, local authority and deprivation fifth. Also included is an overview tab containing high level information and an evidence map, which provides structured access to evidence sources on the topics of smoking cessation, prevention and de-normalisation.  The profile has been created to support the development of plans to deliver on the objectives set out in the Public Health Wales Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP)

Explore Data Further

Information is presented across a series of tabs to allow you to navigate to the area of interest: 

  • Overview – includes indicators showing international smoking prevalence comparisons, smoking-attributable health outcomes and the cost of tobacco 
  • Behaviours – includes adult and adolescent smoking and e-cigarette indicators broken down by geography, age and sex. 
  • Outcomes – includes local authority, health board and disease breakdowns for: 
  • Smoking-attributable mortality 
  • Smoking-attributable admissions 
  • Cessation – includes intention to quit indicators as well as smoking cessation information on treated smokers and carbon monoxide validated quitters. 
  • Data sources– includes technical information on the key data sources used in the profile. 
  • Evidence - the map explores high level evidence surrounding prevention, cessation and de-normalisation. 

Access The Data

The profile includes download options and each indicator contains a ‘Show/hide technical info’ button to allow you to view further information about the indicator including caveats. 

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Download   Smoking in Wales Infographic

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