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Healthy Working Wales Workplace Awards Ending

After many successful years, the Healthy Working Wales awards programme is now coming to an end. This includes the Corporate Health Standard and the Small Workplace Health Award, as well as the Enhanced Status Checks we rolled out during and since the COVID-19 pandemic.

More information about the reasons for this and our new digital offer are outlined here.

As a result of the shift to an enhanced digital offer, we will not be continuing with the development of a new topics-based modular awards programme as originally planned.

In recognition of the hard work and commitment of achieving a HWW award (including the Enhanced Status Checks undertaken in 2022/23), existing award holders will be able to hold and publicise their current award until it expires.

The provision of guidance and tools on the full range of work-related health topics, previously covered by our awards, will continue to be an important focus of our activities via this website.

The criteria and framework documents for the Corporate Health Standard and Small Workplace Health Awards will remain available to access on our website and can continue to serve as vital guidance for organisations wishing to prioritise the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

We are actively using these documents to support development of action planning checklists as digital resources for employers to use. The checklists will offer practical guidance for implementing effective strategies to address specific health and wellbeing topics and will start to be launched over the coming months.  We hope they can be used to support organisations in their journey towards creating healthy and thriving workplaces.

We sincerely appreciate the dedication and effort invested by all those who have achieved an award with HWW over the years.  We would also like to extend a special thank you to Emma George Consulting for their invaluable support and hard work in providing external assessment for the awards and facilitating the Enhanced Status Checks.

Although we are bringing the Healthy Working Wales awards scheme to an end, we want to assure you that our team recognises the pivotal role employers play in fostering healthy and safe workplaces and promoting employee wellbeing. We value the ongoing support and engagement of our award holders and look forward to helping to further our collective efforts in promoting workplace wellbeing.

To see how the focus of the Healthy Working Wales programme is changing, read more here.

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