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Construction and Outdoor Work

Alert level 2: guidance for employers, businesses and organisations

This Welsh Government document is intended to provide the essential information needed to help businesses, employers and other organisations or institutions meet the legal obligations they are under to minimise the risk of people being exposed to, or spreading, coronavirus on their premises.

The guidance document above applies to Wales. For the rules or guidance in the other parts of the UK, please visit the sites for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Construction and Outdoor Work: Coronavirus Workplace Guidance

This Welsh Government document aims to help employers, employees and the self-employed working in construction, energy and utilities, farming and agriculture (including seasonal labour), forestry, waste management, other infrastructure, railway services, street and highway services and other outdoor work to understand how to work safely, taking reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Forestry businesses

The Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA) has produced guidance for businesses on how to work safely during coronavirus. It gives practical considerations of how this can be applied in forestry operations. For more information click here.

Further guidance and services

COVID-19 workforce risk assessment tool

Check if you are at higher risk of more serious symptoms if you come into contact with COVID-19.

COVID-19 workforce risk assessment tool: guidance

COVID-19 workforce risk assessment tool guidance for managers and staff.

COVID-19 vaccinations: guidance for employers

Helps employers understand the implications of staff and customer COVID-19 vaccination status.

Workplace guidance for employers and employees: COVID-19

Welsh Government guidance for employers and employees to keep safe in the workplace during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Providing safer toilets for public use: coronavirus

Welsh Government guidance for the safe management of toilets used by the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

Safety and physical distancing signs for employers

Safety and physical distancing signs for employers: coronavirus

Resources to help employers keep their workplace safe.

Resources & Toolkits
 Talking Toolkit: Preventing work-related stress in construction (PDF, 12.5Mb)

Starting the conversation is an important first step in preventing work-related stress. This toolkit will help you to do this.